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September 10, 2010


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real estate degrees

Thanks for teaching me some concepts about PMSI..I am hearing this topic for the first time and could understand the topic well..

Cash Collection Trolleys

Thanks for that! really helped.

Amanda Rasizzi, CTLS Marketing

Perfection of a lien can be achieved by a timely filing of a UCC-1, or Financing Statement. In the case of non-inventory PMSIs, the UCC-1 must be filed within 20 days of the debtor taking possession of the equipment. In the case of non-inventory PMSIs, the rules are less stringent; there is no set timeframe, but we might advise that the sooner you file, the better, as the first Secured Party to perfect holds the first position on the collateral.

Pat Grimes

PMSI’s for non-inventory collateral can be achieved with less effort. The notification requirements do not apply.

What are the stept to perfect our lien? Is there a time frame to file the UCC in order to perfect a purchase money security interest?

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